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Delirium.. A new Series...

2007-12-05 01:53:27 by silverkadaj

Well I thought I could use this to communicate myself to the world that is newgrounds. I have been for a few months now writing a story for an animation (recording real movie would cost WAYYY too much, especially with effects). Anyways... Here is the deal:

The story takes place in the medieval times, not in this world but on a world called Isrod. A prophecy existed in which claimed that two young children will bear the protection of their world. However, a mysterious lord hears about this and therefore his job is to find these children before they face their destiny. However, these children find themselves in a tough situation and destiny brings them together. The lord could not take it and decides to take action to kidnapping them and washing their minds in order for him to take control over them.

If you want to hear the rest of the story I can surely post more.

There is one situation, I am NOT an animator.. I can dare say that I do not know to draw anything. I know about design, motion graphics, editing, music, etc.. That's about it.

I have been working with a friend of mind, she is an animator and we've been working together on pulling this story together. But, times grow shorter and I really loved where we were going, but suddenly everything starts slowing down and finally to a complete stop.

I really would like to carry on this Animation and making it live. If any of you that are interested in maybe helping me with the Animation, I would truly appreciate it very much.

However, I would like to see some of your work. This story is a very serious series and I would like to keep it that way and the animation runs a lot with this. I really like human like characters(not too anime stylized, though I like anime) But the more realistic they can get the better. Therefore, I want this animation to portray a huge amount of seriousness and to be able to create good series.

I am very open to ideas as well, don't think I'm close minded :P I really like people's input in order to make a better product.

I hope to hear from you. Thank you for reading :)


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